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Leadership Education and Training

Weekly Training Schedule Highlights   

Week of May 13-18


Monday: Cadet Challenge SMART Goals

Tuesday: Vex Code VR Practical Exercise

Wednesday: Vex Code VR Practical Exercise

Thursday: Vex Code VR Practical Exercise

Friday: Vex Code VR Practical Exercise


Upcoming Events

May 18: Alameda Park Food and Flower Fest

May 23-24: Memorial Day Flags on Graves

May 27: Memorial Day Parade

May 29-30: Special Education Graduation Rehearsal/Ceremony

May 31: Organization Day

June 7-9: Jeep Fest

June 17-19: JCLC Summer Leadership Camp

Aug 5-10: Farm Show


Labs (Thursdays 1500-1600)

Labs Complete for the Year


Parent/Booster Club Meetings (1630-1730)

May 20: JROTC Classroom at the SHS


JROTC Leadership Curriculum Overview

Butler High School's JROTC Leadership Program helps prepare students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights and responsibilities as American Citizens. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school and provides instruction and rewarding opportunities.

Specific program outcomes describing what students will know and be able to do upon successful completion of the course include:

  • Maximize potential for success through learning and self-management
  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Incorporate principles of mental and physical wellness into behaviors and decisions
  • Build effective relationships with peers, co-workers and community
  • Apply physical and political geography to building global awareness
  • Correlate rights & responsibilities of citizenship to the purposes of U.S. Government
  • Relate events in U.S. History to choices and responsibilities Americans have today
  • Inspire, challenge, and prepare our students for tomorrow’s global opportunities
  • Value the role of military & other national service organizations




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