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School Information

Butler Senior High School is the Butler Area School District building that houses grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. 

Information about the subjects offered in Butler Senior High School is presented in the printed booklet entitled Curriculum Guide.  A copy is given to every student at scheduling time and additional copies are available in each guidance office.

As the time spent at the SHS is the culmination of a student's k-12 education, students are encouraged to make use of the extensive vocational and educational resources available in the building.  Our goal is that all students graduate from Butler Senior High School armed with the skills they need to find success in their future endeavors. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Butler Senior High School, located in one of the largest and socio-economically diverse districts in Pennsylvania, is to ensure that our students complete their final two years of high school requirements and are prepared to enrich their communities through further education, gainful employment, and/or civil service.This will be accomplished by actively linking education and career opportunities through technology, academics, vocational, and co-curricular offerings.


Belief Statements

  • We, in the Butler Area School District, believe that all people are life-long learners and therefore…

    The school should…

    • Provide an environment that challenges students and enables them to achieve academic and personal success.
    • Provide enrichment and support activities for students to optimize their learning potential.
    • Provide recognition of student achievement.
    • Link education and career opportunities through broad access to academic and co-curricular offerings.
    • Teach students to respect civic duty and develop responsibility to and for their school, community and the environment.
    • Strengthen student awareness of the arts, sciences, and diverse aspects of cultures.
    • Provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn.


    The Butler High School graduate should…


    • Build necessary life skills such as independence, responsibility, respect, cooperation, tolerance, and accountability.
    • Value education and its link to the development of leadership skills, choice of role models, creativity in problem solving, and independence in thinking.
    • Be able to effectively communicate through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    • Be able to recognize the importance of one’s self through mental, social, and physical health.
    • Become media literate through the utilization of a modern library and information technology.
    • Understand basic mathematic and economic principles and possess the ability to make sound decisions.