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Pre-Apprenticeship Program Prepares Students for Success

Pre-Apprenticeship Program


Butler Area School District has partnered with Penn United Technologies to offer a unique Pre-Apprenticeship program to students in grades 10-12.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for high school students to participate in a program that is relevant to their post-secondary career path. The rigorous program is intended to help students develop and strengthen skills that are necessary to pursue a career in advanced manufacturing.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program, which is taught by Penn United Training Instructors, focuses on workforce development. Participants learn basic shop safety, how to read blueprints, manufacturing processes, and how to operate shop equipment, including an intro to CNC. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is also an opportunity for students to earn national credits including their industrial fork truck classroom certification and NIMS credentials.

In addition to learning the skills that are necessary for entering the advanced manufacturing workforce, the Pre-Apprenticeship Program will culminate with the opportunity for students to meet and network with prospective future employers at the end of the year. The goal is to help match students with potential employers and ensure they are on the path to success after high school.

“At Butler Area School District, we strive to prepare our students for success after high school by ensuring they have a post-secondary plan upon graduation,” explained Dr. Brian White, Superintendent.

“For students who are interested in pursuing a career in advanced manufacturing, the Pre-Apprenticeship Program offers rigorous, real-world experience. In addition, students are able to earn industry certifications and even network with potential future employers before graduating from high school. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a great opportunity for students to acquire the skills they need to have a successful career in advanced manufacturing after high school,” said Dr. White.

Butler Area School District has partnered with Penn United Technologies to make the program possible. Both Butler Area School District and Penn United Technologies are committed to ensuring the Pre-Apprenticeship Program meets both the needs of our students and employers throughout the region.

In addition, Butler Area School District received a grant from the Arconic Foundation. The generous support from the Arconic Foundation made it possible to turn our vision into a reality.

“Arconic Foundation and Kawneer Cranberry are honored to support the Butler Pre-Apprenticeship Program, a partnership between Penn United Technologies and the Butler Area School District, in their work to prepare the next generation of the manufacturing workforce,” said Nathalie Tessier, Kawneer Cranberry General Manager. “Partnering with the Program is a great opportunity to highlight manufacturing careers and to develop and strengthen the skills we are looking for as an employer.”

“We sincerely appreciate everything Penn United Technologies has done to make the Pre-Apprenticeship Program possible for our students. We also appreciate the support we received from the Arconic Foundation and Kawneer Cranberry,” said Dr. White. “When local businesses, foundations and schools work together, it’s our students – the youth in our community – who truly benefit."

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