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Theodore K. Vogeley Memorial Scholarship

Seniors may apply for the Theodore K. Vogeley Memorial Scholarship online beginning March 15 through April 15. After the Vogeley Scholarship Committee meets to review the applications, the committee will communicate to all applicants their status regarding an interview. The recipients of the Vogeley Scholarship will be announced during Senior Recognition Night.

Please read the Educational and Vocational Goals and Objectives, and General Instructions listed below before completing the online application.

Educational and Vocational Goals and Objectives
The applicant shall prepare a statement of 300 words or less setting forth his/her vocational or professional goal and relate how past, present and future activities make the accomplishment of this goal probable. The applicant by deed and circumstance must demonstrate his/her worthiness. The letter must be signed.

General Instructions

1.   Applicant must be a graduating senior of the Butler Area Senior High School, who has applied for or has been accepted at an accredited college, university, or community college in a transfer program.

2.   A letter of acceptance from the post-secondary school applicant plans to attend must accompany the application.

3.   The applicant must provide from the college on official letterhead the total fees per semester including:

  • Tuition
  • Fixed fees
  • Room and Board
  • Books

This information must be provided annually until completion or termination of education

4.   The applicant must share the final cost to attend their college/university. Click to download the excel document, complete it and then upload it to the application. 

5.   A transcript of the applicant’s high school work (complete and up-to-date) must be provided. The principals’ office will take care of submitting the transcript directly to the committee.

6.   Eligibility for renewal of scholarship requires that the student maintain his/her school’s academic standards. It is the student’s responsibility to contact their institution annually and have their school submit the total cost for the following year as well as a statement of the student’s academic standings to the Vogeley Scholarship Committee.

7.   This is a four-year scholarship. The scholarship will provide tuition, fixed fees, school-sponsored room and board, and books. It will not cover expenses for additional education such as summer school, foreign travel, internships, etc. unless unusual circumstances presented to the Vogeley Committee warrant pre-approval of the additional work as part of the normal year program. Transfers to another institution should be pre-approved by the Vogeley Committee.

8.   Deadline for the application to be returned – April 15

9.   Click to apply online. You will be provided the name to save each of the following five uploads when you reach that section of the application: parent/guardian’s most recent 1040/1040A form, signed 300 words or less statement, acceptance letter from the college/university you plan to attend, total fees per semester on college/university’s official letterhead, and the final cost to attend your college/university document

If you have any questions regarding the Vogeley Scholarship or application, please see Mrs. Henry in the principals’ office or email her at